Money, Major Factor in Many NJ Divorces
May 21, 2014
May 21, 2014
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Following divorce, women typically suffer financially more than man and a percentage find themselves living in poverty. Women face challenges of entering a job market after possibly being absent for a number of years as well as the gender wage gap. Although women face unique struggles there are several ways to obtain stability.

Updating Accounts

An essential step after divorce is to change all records to reflect the divorce. Passports, driver’s licenses, health insurance plans, bank accounts, credit cards and asset titles must all be changed to reflect any new life changes. Changed name, addresses and beneficiaries should all be accurate. This may be an obvious step, but it is absolutely essential to make sure there are no inaccuracies because of the divorce and all bases are covered.

Creating a Financial Plan

To establish a plan, first look at your income and debts that may come out of your marriage. Then consider any day-to-day expenses along with monthly bills. Finally, take into consideration any long-term expenses. A financial plan is crucial and must be kept in toe for stability.

Building Credit

The very first step in building a good credit rating is to find out what your current score is. This will provide a base on which to build from. Using cards regularly, paying off the entire balance and paying other loans on time will raise a credit score. The process may time some time, but is very important for financial stability.

Seeking Help from Experienced Professionals

The details of the divorce itself, financial plans, retirement plans, estates and investments can become somewhat burdensome. However, seeking the help of an experienced family law attorney can guarantee a much smoother process and ensure attention to all details. Experienced family law attorneys have been through the process before and know what to expect and asking for their help may save a client time and money.

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