Property Division

Property Division

If you are getting divorced, one of the most challenging aspects will be the division of property. New Jersey is an equitable distribution state. Property is split up equitably, rather than evenly. It has to be fair, but not necessarily equal.

Conflicts frequently arise when distributing property, especially when it comes to determining what is fair. At Keith, Winters & Wenning, L.L.C., we are skilled in property valuation and dedicated to helping people throughout Monmouth County disperse their property.

It is important to have an experienced lawyer on your side who can help you obtain a fair valuation for your real estate and resolve your differences. Our attorneys have been helping families resolve their legal issues for over 60 years.

Our Bradley Beach firm is leading the way in alternative dispute resolution for divorce. We have a team of divorce lawyers available to help you, including a certified matrimonial lawyer, a certified mediator as well as a lawyer trained in collaborative divorce. To schedule an appointment contact our firm at 732-774-1212.

Property Division During Divorce

Property division can be challenging, especially when determining the value of complex holdings such as financial portfolios and real estate. We will work to negotiate a fair distribution of your assets. If necessary, we are prepared to fight for your rights.

Equitable distribution with real estate and other large assets can be difficult. Often, one spouse will try to buy out the other spouse. If this is not possible, the house may be sold and any assets will be distributed between both spouses.

If a home or investment properties have depreciated in the economic downturn, the challenge is often who will be responsible for these properties instead of who will get them.

New Jersey Equitable Division Attorneys

Before distributing any property, there are four steps which must take place:

  • Identifying the property
  • Classifying the property as either marital or separate property
  • Establishing the value of the property
  • Dividing the property

Our property division attorneys will explain how property division works. We will evaluate your circumstances and help you plan for what you will need over the years to come. This requires an understanding of any potential tax implications associated with the transferring or liquidating any assets as well as an understanding of possible estate planning concerns. A fair distribution of property should account for events in the future.

The attorneys at our firm have extensive experience helping individuals with complex marital estates divide their assets equitably. We use collaborative law whenever possible to divide property with as little expense and antagonism possible. If alternative dispute resolution does not work, our attorneys aggressively advocate for your interests in court.

If you are contemplating divorce, contact our full-service firm by e-mail or phone at 732-774-1212.