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Embezzlement · Mail Fraud · Credit Card Fraud · Identity Theft?

Quick and decisive action is extremely important in defending white collar crime cases. There is often a lengthy investigation preceding an arrest, during which time police and prosecutors are gathering evidence to support suspicions or allegations of a crime such as embezzlement, wire fraud, identity theft or bank fraud.

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The moment you suspect you are a target of an official investigation, it is extremely important to contact an experienced white collar crime defense attorney. With the help of an attorney at Keith, Winters & Wenning, you can meet these allegations head on with an aggressive and thorough defense strategy. Contact us now to receive a free and confidential assessment of your current legal situation.

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Michael Wenning is certified as a Criminal Trial Lawyer by the New Jersey Supreme court and has practiced criminal law in New Jersey for more than 25 years. Official certification as a criminal trial lawyer indicates that Mr. Wenning has been recognized by the New Jersey courts as possessing uncommon criminal law knowledge and extensive trial experience as well as demonstrating impeccable professional standards. He draws on his experience as a former Monmouth County prosecutor to help you build a strong white collar crime defense.

Results: Arrest Prevented, Case Dropped, Charges Reduced, No Jail Time

Our goal is to address white collar crime charges such as embezzlement in a proactive manner. This enables us to give our clients the best opportunity to avoid the serious consequences of a surprise arrest. Early and proactive involvement in your case also allows us to begin to build an effective strategy for protecting your rights, your future and your professional reputation before formal charges are filed.

It is not too late to call an experienced embezzlement and white collar crime defense lawyer. No matter where your case stands, we will intervene to ensure that your legal rights are protected to the utmost of our abilities. Our proven negotiation and trial skills allow us to plea bargain when appropriate and build a compelling argument for why restitution and probation are a more fitting punishment than a lengthy jail or prison sentence – especially in a non-violent, financial crime such as fraud money laundering.

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During your free case evaluation, you will work one on one with a certified criminal trial attorney* who has the skill and experience to advise you and to fight for you at every stage of the process, from initial investigation to the courtroom. Call 732-774-1212 or send an e-mail to our offices in Bradley Beach, New Jersey, to receive a free case evaluation.