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July 22, 2015
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What is a Parenting Coordinator ( In New Jersey) ?

In divorce cases and in child custody cases, a Parenting Coordinator is often utilized. Parenting Coordinator is a professional, either a psychologist or an experienced attorney that is assigned by the Court to assist parents in co-parenting their children and in resolving any issues they may have with respect to parenting-time. The Parenting Coordinator is not allowed to make judicial decisions, but they do act as a mediator and make recommendations as to what is in the best interests of the children.
While this is a relatively new dispute resolution process, it is one that is highly child focused. The Parenting Coordinator may be involved with:

  • Which activities a parent may or may not engage in with a child.
  • Which topics should be discussed with the children.
  • What is the best course of coordinated treatment is best for a child in the event of psychological or physical injury or illness.
  • How vacations and holidays should be shared.

While a Parenting Coordinator does not replace the Courts’ guidance in the best interest of the child, in cases where a parenting dispute arises, it is helpful to have a professional who can hear both sides of the dispute and make recommendations. Their consistent, ongoing direction can provide a less adversarial and less expensive dispute resolution method. Also, this method is less messy and upsetting for children than further litigation.
Parenting Coordinators establish their fees based on their established practices. In most cases, the parents will split the charges in accordance with guidance from the Courts.
New Jersey Divorce attorneys are highly skilled in assisting with these cases. A Certified Matrimony Attorney can guide you through the process. At Keith, Winters & Wenning, our Family Law department serves as Parenting Coordinators in a wide range of cases.

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